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This tutorial shows you how to download and stream videos from on your computer or phone/tablet. Unfortunately, you can only download from Mega but it downloads at fast speed depending on your internet connection. All the mega links have password for protection.

PC Download Guide

Step One: Click the video link. For this example, it will be!IxsRQYqS

You will then see this.

ofU21Al {focus_keyword} Mega Co Nz Videos ofU21Al

Step Two: Enter the provided Decryption Key or password. For this example, it will be!LSFNEVjIA9TL4vrZaLEW8w

You should now see this.

RJBStGv {focus_keyword} Mega Co Nz Videos RJBStGv


Click “Decrypt”.

Step Three: You will see a list of files. From there, choose the video you want to download or choose download all as ZIP.

xiIY9Fu {focus_keyword} Mega Co Nz Videos xiIY9Fu

Step Four: After you click download, it will show you this at the bottom .

Click “Show me” and it will take you to:

Step Five: It will start the download and save the file to your computer once it’s completed.

RJBStGv {focus_keyword} Mega Co Nz Videos RJBStGv OmHCNaQ {focus_keyword} Mega Co Nz Videos OmHCNaQ

Mobile/Tablet Download Guide

This may be a little complicated so please pay attention and do exactly how it shows here. 

Step One: Download the MEGA app from your app store. It’s free.

Step Two: Click the video link. For this example, it will be!IxsRQYqS

Step Three: Get the decryption key/password. For this example, it will be !LSFNEVjIA9TL4vrZaLEW8w

Steep Four: Open your phone/tablet’s browser and enter this new link.!IxsRQYqS!LSFNEVjIA9TL4vrZaLEW8w  (It’s your video link+password. Just add the password on your browser after the link you clicked from Step Two and press Enter)

Step Five: You will see this page now. Since you have the app installed, click the “Click here!” link

rs0SoxU {focus_keyword} Mega Co Nz Videos rs0SoxU

Step Six: It will open the videos in your Mega app. It will look like this now.

hNVseaO {focus_keyword} Mega Co Nz Videos hNVseaO

Step Seven: Click the video you want to download. It will ask your where to save the file in your phone/tablet.

Phgjwlz {focus_keyword} Mega Co Nz Videos Phgjwlz

Step Eight: Your download will now start. You can see it on your notifications.

Lf3aoj4 {focus_keyword} Mega Co Nz Videos Lf3aoj4

Step Nine: Click the video file and play the video on your phone/tablet.

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